I love me a Parametric Bridge

I have a crap-ton of other stuff to do, and it's sunny outside, but I know that you, dear reader, really really need  a slightly impractical bridge to get you into the weekend.  So here is my triumphant (and somewhat muttering) return to screencasting: setting out geometry for a fancy pedestrian bridge, from scratch, in Dynamo.

Download the .dyn file from here.

I will follow this up with clothing this in Revit structural framing, and flexing.


  1. Excelent! Great tool, i'm loving Dynamo

  2. man, i am between dynamo and grasshopper. what would you choose? :)

  3. Good job!
    Which version use you? The color and names of nodes are different in Version 0.6.3

  4. Thanks! If you look on the "downloads" page of dynamobim.org, I'm using the "pre-release" daily builds. Hot out of the oven.

  5. Choosing between Rhino and Dynamo is hard.
    I'd choose Dynamo as ultimately due to the widespread use of revit it will I think become the dominant parametric platform for BIM

  6. Zach! You're writing code! Thanks for the post, nourishing as always. Looking forward to the follow-up.